Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Favorite pictures from 2018

Here are my favorite photos from 2018

 There is a little spot near the Bears Ears that I have driven past many times. In 2018 I discovered how awesome it is.  

There is something about this photo of Monument Valley that draws me into it.  Since I took this picture I have wanted to go and see if anyone still lives in this Monument Valley home.

I always enjoy a good sunset in Monument Valley.

I love that in the morning I can be in the desert and in the evening driving in the mountain snow.

Most often I find myself between the desert and the mountains which leaves the mountains as a favorite photographic target.

Blue Mountain

Ute Mountain

....and of course I have to throw in a picture of the Bears Ears

One problem I had in 2018 is that many of my favorite pictures only ever landed on my phone and were processed there. While this may work perfectly for Social Media, I don't want to post those lower quality pictures here.  So I had to re-process some photos like this one to post here.

Monticello Lake

 I am always up for a good sunset to end the day. While I may not have photographed all 365 sunsets of 2018 I am sure I photographed more than was necessary.

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